Barrus and Hybrid Marine announce a joint venture to create a new hybrid propulsion system company, Hybrid Marine International


Barrus and Hybrid Marine are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement to create a new hybrid propulsion systems company, Hybrid Marine International.

This joint venture takes their fourteen-year partnership to the next level in the drive to support the government’s strategic vision for a clean maritime sector in the UK by 2050.

Since 2010, Barrus and Hybrid Marine have been working together in the development of hybrid propulsion systems based on Yanmar marine diesel engines, a global standard in sailboats and small craft propulsion.

“We are pleased to announce this joint venture, delivering on our commitment to support green marine power expectations,” said Graham Knox, Chief Executive, Barrus Ltd. “Hybrid Marine International has been established to design, manufacture and sell hybrid propulsion systems for applications including inland canal boats, commercial barges and sailing boats. The joint venture cements our successful collaboration thus far, and we look forward to working together to unlock the potential of our combined expertise.”

Hybrid Marine has been developing advanced hybrid systems since 2002, pioneered by the UK’s leading hybrid development engineer, Graeme Hawksley. The first company in the world to introduce a production parallel hybrid system to the marine sector, Hybrid Marine’s award-winning patented power and propulsion solution system is the result of extensive research and is well-proven.

Hybrid Marine’s customer base has grown to include leading UK canal boatbuilders, such as Braidbar Boats, European commercial craft operators, Aister (Spain) “Pelican” vessels and exponential growth in the luxury catamaran market with Antares Catamarans, Max Cruise Marine, and Hudson Yacht Group, whose HH44 Sport Cruiser is Sailing World’s Boat of the Year 2024.

Graeme Hawksley explained: “When we first started investigating marine hybrids, the market for these systems did not exist. Apart from a few early adopters, hybrids were viewed as blue sky products, something for the future rather than now. Finally, in 2024, “the future is now!” Our next stage on the journey is to scale up to meet the demand we have helped to generate. Hybrid Marine and Barrus both have considerable experience in hybrid systems. The natural next step is to combine forces, and I am delighted to be part of this new and exciting joint venture.”

Hybrid Marine International will continue to provide custom packages to OEM boat builders in the UK and worldwide who wish to offer hybrid technology to their customers requiring new boat builds in the leisure and commercial markets.

Barrus is committed to maintaining Hybrid Marine International's position as a leader in hybrid technology and the continued investment in its Bicester-based engineering facility. Further significant investments in production facilities have been made to support the growth and development of hybrid propulsion systems.