Case Study: Lonna, Antares 44


Antares44 Lonna


Lonna, an Antares 44, was commissioned in December 2022. Twin Yanmar 3JH40 hybrids are fitted with a 40 kWh lithium battery bank. Follow the links below for details of the vessel:

Case Study: Max 44C Sailing Catamaran


The Max Cruise 44C Sailing Catamaran has twin Beta 35 hybrid engines. Alternatively, a Parallel/Serial system can provide dual-shaft propulsion with only a single engine.

Case Study: NB Felonious Mongoose


NB Felonious Mongoose is a XXft semi trad built in 2008 with a Beta 43 Hybrid system and a larger than usual 890Ahr battery alllowing several days of Electric cruising between charges. The owner often cruises overnight charging at Marinas and other locations to extend the diesel free cruising even further.


Case StudyNB Chelonian


NB Chelonian is a 60ft Semi Trad built in 1994. In 2007 Chelonian was re-engined with a Beta 43 Hybrid system and partially refitted to install a 450Ahr battery with new domestic appliances to go gas free. The boat has been in regular use since 2008 and used its original battery until 2021 when it was upgraded to Lithium batteries.

Case Study: Natalia

"Natalia" is an example of one of our larger systems. She has twin Beta 105hp hybrids (Stage V approved) with 40kW of electric drive. She can achieve 15km/h on engines and 9 km/h on electric drive. She is designed to take a coach load of sightseers (50) and operates mainly in back waters restricted to 5km/h. She can operate for the entire day on electric drive from her 300kWh battery bank. The 6kW solar array provides most of the power required for her centralised air-conditioning. In the evening she can plug in to a 3 phase supply to charge up fully for the next day. When no shore supply is available an onboard generator can charge the batteries. For more demanding conditions the twin 105hp engines are utilised. 

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